Acoustic Dream was founded with a passion for music and the joy that can be derived listening to her. It is the music often accompanies us in everyday life, in its various moments - those better and worse. Any person for whom music is really important, intuitively seeks opportunities to listen to it in the best possible quality. The interest in audio equipment is really the result of that search. For audiophiles, it's more than just a hobby - it is often also an incredible passion driven ever closer contact with music. The passion that can turn into a way of life.

So it was in our case. After many years of seeking the most perfect audio, exchanges columns, amplifiers, DVD and cable, we came across a barrier, which could not exceed. This barrier was power, so the strip or conditioners and power cables. Even the best and most expensive of the available solutions on the market did not meet our expectations - both in terms of sound effects, as well as the quality of the internal structure of these devices.

Most manufacturers of this type of accessories selects compromises, even in their flagship models. For owners of high-end audio equipment is a big problem because the sound quality is limited at the beginning, and without adequate power can no longer go on. The entrance to a higher level of quality is possible only after the elimination of this barrier.

So we decided to take matters into their own hands. With many years of experience in designing and building systems, electronics and industrial automation, as well as experience with audio of the highest quality, we have created conditioners and power cables constructed in accordance with one principle - to zero compromises. Initially for himself, then for other audiophiles. We hope that also you will be able to discover the potential of your audio system with our accessories.


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Our products

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    It is made of Aluminium form in CNC technology with a vibration damping housing. The conditioner...

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    It is made of Aluminium form in CNC technology with a vibration damping housing. The conditioner...

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