Mess in the power grid, which is connected to each of us make our audio equipment is exposed to a lot of "surprises". They are both phenomena are not directly expose the electronics, but negatively affecting the final quality of the sound (noise, voltage instability), as well as events that can damage our equipment (overvoltage, stroke, short circuit, overload).

The source of the problem may be the structure of the same grid, the quality of the components through which current flows received by us in the house, but also the fact that the same network are connected many customers, including large industrial plants in larger cities, the street lighting, trams or subway. An increasing number of electrical and electronic equipment translates into increased risk of adverse events and the increasing concentration of dirt in the grid.

It should also be borne in mind that they often create a mess in the network, mainly through a multitude of commonly used devices with pulsed power supplies. In our homes we are getting more TVs, set-top boxes, laptops, routers and consoles, not to mention refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, induction hobs, dishwashers, and even electric razors and toothbrushes. Even if we do it unconsciously, often it is we ourselves pollute the race in his immediate environment.

Industrial plants, regardless of whether they are large or small, often do not have adequate reactive power compensation of capacitive and inductive, or such systems are in them poorly made or obsolete. Although awareness in this area is increasing and the state of affairs is gradually improving, it is not enough to soon be able to say that it is finally right. It is therefore necessary for us releasing reaching the current from all the impurities.

Brand devices Acoustic Dream by filtration and development of electricity supply "clean fuel" devices grade audio hi-fi and hi-end. Their task is to filter out all pollutants, protect connected equipment against them "unpleasant surprises", as a result, the improvement of the sound resulting from the sensitive electronics to provide pure audio power with appropriate parameters. Current, which moves the diaphragm of our speakers are still the same, that fraction of a second before flowing into the amplifier and player. Even the best audio equipment does not create needed his energy out of nothing - the task is appropriate shaping and strengthening the current fed from the outlet. If this is wrong, not what we expect to achieve the perfect sound.

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