The basis for the creation of line filters series Cu was to protect devices that play music and image in our homes and businesses. It is worth mentioning that these filters are directed to the recording studios. Conditioners Cu-Cu-1 and 2 reflect our passion for quality and precision. This is the motto, to which professes Acoustic Dream. The first important task of the family is Cu surge protection. System used in terms of measurable parameters several times higher than the level of protection required by the legislation. Similarly, as some manufacturers of audiophile equipment deliberately use oversized power supplies in their amplifiers and players, so we decided to design conditioners Cu by a wide margin. We did so because common sense dictates that the problems related to power seriously, and even thrice seriously.

After developing the general scheme of electronic, the next step was housing. The models in the series Cu they are made from a single block of aluminum with carefully selected chemical composition (with appropriate additives). Enclosures are formed on precision CNC machine tools, and left through the machine walls are thick and provide very good passive filtration. The housing of a series of Cu conditioners are therefore very rigid and their unique shape and high mass ensure complete suppression of undesired oscillations. At the heart of each of the conditioner is a network filter Power Acoustic Dream (PAD) 220-240 V. Depending on the version, there is a variant Max or Standard. The filter is made of selected components of the highest quality. Engineers Acoustic Dream put on high resistance dielectrics used in the system. Invested breakdown voltage is above 750 V. All this to ensure maximum safety for users and their devices.

PCB underpinning PAD filters are made of high quality copper, and 24-karat gold with multi-layer insulation. A large number of anchor plates with the housing eliminates the possibility of the appearance of unwanted resonances. Current paths are several times larger than what is required. Inside uses only materials and components of the highest quality - there is no room for any compromises. The last element - covers 20 mm jacks companies Furutech series NCF - this is the end that crowns the work. The leading element used in the devices of the series Cu is copper, properly treated and given in its purest form. Not to rely solely on measurements, conditioners were subjected to many tests of short-circuit the overload. All the given parameters were measured in measurements performed under load and at idle.

But the biggest perceived benefit from the use of conditioners in the series Cu is to improve the quality of sound and image offered by the connected device. Conditioners series Cu give music incredible realism of the increase in dynamics and resolution sound. Improve transparency, depth and clarity, not receiving audio devices as needed for optimal listening comfort color, consistency or softness. Systems hi-fi high-end conditioners series Cu help us get an audible difference and give the final touch is added, and systems used in hi-end will allow us to soar to levels never before unattainable by any other components and accessories.

Acoustic Dream Cu-2

Acoustic Dream Cu-2

Acoustic Dream Cu-2

Acoustic Dream Cu-2

Acoustic Dream Cu-2

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