It is made of Aluminium form in CNC technology with a vibration damping housing. The conditioner is offered with AD S legs and 230V Schuko sockets from Furutech Au/NCF.

The electricity filtration is based on PADI filter. PCB board is covered with many layers of insulation. The paths are made of copper and covered with 24-carat gold. The cable bridges are made of pure copper 99,997%. The coil cores are constructed  in nanotechnology. Frequency filtration from 500 MHz to 6 GHz.

The scope of the PADl filter:
Filtered frequency range: <0.1kHz to 102 MHz / Rdc2x4.6 mohm / 18dB;
Max current: 15A / 70oC;
Ut / 50Hz / 5mA / 2sec. - 1500 VAC;
UR / 50Hz / - 250VAC;
Filters capacity: 6600uF / IR / 100Hz - 2.1A;
Overvoltage protection up to 15kA
Conductors: Cu, Au, Rh.